Join us Friday, September 7th in the Gold Lot (map below) of the Wake Forest Football parking lot for the 6th Annual Kickball Party. WSSSC will provide food, beer and the entertainment.

Traditional tailgate games such as corn hole, beer pong, flip cup and battle shots will be provided.

Just like last year we have SE Sports & Entertainment providing Blackjack and Poker Tournaments*. Music again will be provided by Beat House Productions.

The party will kickoff around 7:00pm and will continue past the last tackle in the Wake vs. Townson game Saturday afternoon.

We will have kegs on tap, hamburgers, hotdogs and all the amenities. Just bring a chair and a smile!

Please pass this info along to your team and we will see you Friday night!

If you would like to participate in the casino games, please feel free to do so. We will have dealers for the blackjack tables & poker will be self-dealt but with someone watching closely nearby.

Everyone that wishes to play will begin the evening with a white chip that is worth 10,000. You can go to any table & they can break it down into smaller amounts for you to play. Please see me at the table so that I may give you your chip. Gaming will be 8:00-10:45. The top chip winners for the evening will receive prizes. Once your initial 10,000 is spent you will not be able to get another chip, so make sure you play wisely (or something to that effect).

Blackjack/Poker Disclaimer:

This must be expressed very plain & very clear: THERE IS TO BE NO EXCHANGE OF MONEY AT ANY TABLES (THIS MUST BE STRESSED).

6th Annual Kickball Party